Printing Terminology Used on this site

Printing Terminology Used on this site

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Printers use a lot of terminology that can be confusing to understand if you are not in the business.  Here is a list of some of the terminology that we use to describe our products.

  • 1/0= Black Print on One Side of the page
  • 1/1= Black Print on both sides of the page
  • 4/0= Color Print on One Side of the page
  • 4/4= Color Print on both Sides of the page
  • Full Bleed= When the image goes off the edge of the page.  Most printers can not print off the edge, the way that this is achieved is to print on a larger size piece of paper and then cutting the page down in bindery.  On most applications, 1/8″ extra on all 4 edges is required to produce the job properly.  Please keep in mind that you still want to have a margin of 1/4″ away from the edge with important content, such as words, so that we don’t cut though that part and still have a good look to it.

Velo Binds and Sure Binds

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Velo Binding/ Sure Binding/ Tamper-Resistant Binds

Velobinding involves punching several small holes along the edge of an unbound book. A strip of plastic with rigid tines is inserted into the holes from the top of the book, and a strip with corresponding holes is placed on the back with the tines protruding through. The book is then placed in a machine that holds the book tightly while the excess length of the tines is cut and the tips melted to seal the bind. The term “Velo Bind” is a trademark of the General Binding Corporation, but is regularly used generically to refer to this process, though strip binding is also sometimes used.

The original, and the best. Developed so that legal books couldn’t be tampered with. Now they are just a great bind with a durable finish. They can bind books that range from only a couple of sheets of paper all the way out to 3 inches!
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Coil Bound Books, Business Presentations

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Coil and Spiral Binding

We offer plastic coil or spiral binding. This is a great product that is getting better with the addition of our auto punch. You can bind books together that won’t have pages falling out, and you can flip the back on itself.

Coil Bound Books are punched with a 4-1 die, meaning there are 4 holes for every inch. The holes are punched 3/16″ from the edge of the page. It isn’t necessary to move your art away from the edge for visibility as that the books lay flat when open. This bindery option is great for high use books and books that are very thick, up to 2.5″. If someone is referencing the book multiple times or the same page often, they can flip it on it’s back and hold their place easily. They hold up to heavy use, and hold their shape.

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Perfect Binding- Soft Cover Books

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Perfect binding is our newest binding option, it is not a stitch binding at all, but a solely adhesive based binding. It is the easiest and most durable way to produce books, and is how most paperback books are bound. Single leafs are jogged to form a straight block, and the spine edge is glued with PVA glue.

Main Features:

  • Runs 1,500 books per hour
  • Binds book from ¼” in thickness all the way to 3”
  • Auto Cover Loader
  • More flexible glue
  • Hinge Score
  • Auto Cover Loader
  • Side Glue
  • Great Quality

We have been running our Sulby 1250 for a variety of different jobs from gloss to un-coated stocks.

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