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Coil Bound Books, Business Presentations

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Coil and Spiral Binding

We offer plastic coil or spiral binding. This is a great product that is getting better with the addition of our auto punch. You can bind books together that won’t have pages falling out, and you can flip the back on itself.

Coil Bound Books are punched with a 4-1 die, meaning there are 4 holes for every inch. The holes are punched 3/16″ from the edge of the page. It isn’t necessary to move your art away from the edge for visibility as that the books lay flat when open. This bindery option is great for high use books and books that are very thick, up to 2.5″. If someone is referencing the book multiple times or the same page often, they can flip it on it’s back and hold their place easily. They hold up to heavy use, and hold their shape.

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