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Printing Terminology Used on this site

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Printers use a lot of terminology that can be confusing to understand if you are not in the business.  Here is a list of some of the terminology that we use to describe our products.

  • 1/0= Black Print on One Side of the page
  • 1/1= Black Print on both sides of the page
  • 4/0= Color Print on One Side of the page
  • 4/4= Color Print on both Sides of the page
  • Full Bleed= When the image goes off the edge of the page.  Most printers can not print off the edge, the way that this is achieved is to print on a larger size piece of paper and then cutting the page down in bindery.  On most applications, 1/8″ extra on all 4 edges is required to produce the job properly.  Please keep in mind that you still want to have a margin of 1/4″ away from the edge with important content, such as words, so that we don’t cut though that part and still have a good look to it.

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