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Softcover Binding or Perfect Binding

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Here is our softcover or perfect binder in action!  We print and bind a wide range of books for schools, self publishers, and events.  In this video we are binding Yearbooks for a local middle school.  Our Sulby 1250, first grinds the spine for proper glue adhesion, then it goes through a hot melt glue that applies to the spine and 1/16″ on the first and last pages, or side glue.  Then it loads a cover, scoring it while entering the machine, lastly it put the cover on at the nipping table.  Our machine is rated at 1250 books per hour!  After they are bound, we take it to our massive cutter to trim the top side and bottom, or what is known as a 3 knife trim.  At the end, we end up with books that are suitable for store shelves, libraries, or for sale online!

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