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Velo Binds and Sure Binds

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Velo Binding/ Sure Binding/ Tamper-Resistant Binds

Velobinding involves punching several small holes along the edge of an unbound book. A strip of plastic with rigid tines is inserted into the holes from the top of the book, and a strip with corresponding holes is placed on the back with the tines protruding through. The book is then placed in a machine that holds the book tightly while the excess length of the tines is cut and the tips melted to seal the bind. The term “Velo Bind” is a trademark of the General Binding Corporation, but is regularly used generically to refer to this process, though strip binding is also sometimes used.

The original, and the best. Developed so that legal books couldn’t be tampered with. Now they are just a great bind with a durable finish. They can bind books that range from only a couple of sheets of paper all the way out to 3 inches!
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